Are you finding it tough to sustain growth and profitability in a rapidly changing market environment?

  • Are you constantly adjusting your strategy just to ‘keep up’?
  • Do you want your operating model to mirror your strategy changes?
  • Do you wish your culture evolved with your strategy revisions?

When your strategy, culture and operating model are not in alignment, you will experience one or more of the following misalignments:

‘Everyone’s onboard, I hope it works’ misalignment

‘Silo/Turf War’ misalignment



‘We decide, You do’ misalignment

When your strategy, culture and operating model are not in alignment, your business results are significantly impacted by stealth value drains!

Disengaged Employees

Unnecessary Complexity

Hidden Costs

Stealth Value Drains – The ‘not in plain sight’ cause your business results fall short of projections! 

As you roll out your ‘next initiative,’ stealth value drains will continue in the background counterpunching your every move.

Before beginning your next initiative, shouldn’t your strategy, culture, and operating model be aligned first?

Strategic alignment drives sustainable results.

When your strategy, culture and operating model are in alignment, your ‘agile’ team can:

  • Embrace marketplace turbulence and consistently execute your plans better, faster and more cost effectively than your comepetition
  • People excited to come to work
  • Maximize your return on your people, equipment and capital
  • Imagine: The resulting postive impact on your profitability
  • Imagine: Planting seeds for your company’s future growth
  • Imagine: Consistently beating competition ‘to the punch’

Can you really afford not to align your strategy, culture and operating model?


  • When you want a proven process to consistently deliver sustainable results
  • When you need to identify, strategize, and execute opportunities faster than your competitors
  • When you want to embed a ‘high performance culture’ as your company norm
  • When you need an operating model that is flexible, simple, and user friendly
  • When you want your entire team to routinely challenge ‘spending behaviors’
  • If you are sick and tired of ‘one-off cost reduction initiatives’ that don’t deliver your expected results
  • When the ‘school of hard knocks’ has taught you cannot ‘cut’ your way to success

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