Wayne Washington

Aligning your business strategy, culture, and operating model is important to you and operations expert, Wayne Washington. Expose and eliminate your hidden costs, unnecessary complexity, and disengaged employees, which are ‘value drains’ that significantly impact your business results. Wayne helps you expose and eliminate your ‘value drains.’

Like you, CEO and operations expert, Wayne Washington has seen the term ‘operations excellence’ defined many ways over the years. Do you take a top-down or bottom-up approach? Is it a cost reduction or a cost optimization initiative? Will we outsource or establish strategic a partnership? Or, is it simply a workflow process review?

With over three decades of managing operations, speaking, and day-to-day in-the-trenches running a business, Wayne’s view of ‘operational excellence’ is radically different. Wayne has learned ‘operational excellence’ is not a destination, but an ongoing journey in pursuit of a company’s strategic goals. Unlike other operational experts, Wayne sees operational excellence as an entire organization working together to: 1.) Transform their mindsets; 2.) Measure outcomes; and 3.) Monitor progress.

Wayne, sometimes referred to as, ‘The Doctor of Operations,’ for his skill in diagnosing ailing operations using probing questions; prescribing a course of action based on the diagnostic results; and as one treatment option, serving as a mentor. Wayne’s blend of real world examples, use of a conversational approach, and transparency, connect Wayne with his audiences in an authentic, engaging, and ‘truly unique’ way.

Wayne has served as facility manager for the Mead Johnson Nutritional Division of Bristol Myers Squibb and managed an $18 million annual expense budget and led a team of more than one hundred employees.

Wayne is the founder and CEO of a 20-year-old facility management company and continues to work with the best and the brightest in the operational excellence field. 

The author of the widely distributed, articles: ‘There are seven ways for your company’s strategy, culture, and operations to align. Only one delivers sustained results,’ ‘Here are the three ‘must-haves’ to align your strategy and your culture’ and ‘Four vital ingredients for successful strategy implementation.’

Companies such as: Vectren Corporation, First Security Bank, Tropicana, and various U.S. city, state, and federal agencies have partnered with Wayne when they wanted their operations to ‘run better,’ ‘execute faster,’ and ‘operate leaner.

At Bristol Myers Squibb, Wayne lead the Mead Johnson Nutritional Division to just shy of a 30% reduction in operating costs over a three-year period. Wayne also lead a cross functional/cross company team to win the ‘US Department of Energy’s ‘National Energy Award,’ for the best industrial energy project in the United States. When you hire Wayne, you get a driven, focused, and results-oriented individual, as demonstrated thru Wayne’s personal achievement of losing 230 pounds in 11 months using ‘diet and exercise.”