Align Your Systems & Processes

Frontline/Mid-Managers Online Interactive, Collaborative Process

A private, facilitated, online community will be established for your collaborative teams. 

Within this private, facilitated, online community, your mid-managers and frontline teams participate in discussion groups, forums and have access to archived activities as a source of answers along the journey.

This is where the rubber meets the road.

Frontline employees provide their input into the best ways to execute the strategy. This step, not only gets frontline employees with the buy-in to your company’s strategy, but your frontline employees now own that strategy becuase they helped develop it.

How it Works

Team will collaborate to determine:

Our pre-established, moderated, and facilitated online work sessions are structured to bring the best out of your employees. Online working sessions are scheduled to last between 1 – 2 hours.

  • What needs to be completed, by when?
  • Who will complete what activities, in what sequence?
  • Where do decisions and hand-offs occur, how can we simplify?
  • How we will make decisions and execute those decisions to get results?
  • In hindsight, what could we have done better?

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Years of experience has demonstrated the chances of success, without a 'CEO to Frontline' inclusion mindset, are 'slim to none'

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