Build Your Platform

Mid-Level Managers Online Interactive Work Sessions

Alright, we’ve built the frame, now let’s build the operating platform on top of that frame. Your operating platform, once constructed, will provide you with a tool to translate your company’s overall strategy into repeatable day-to-day activities executed by engaged employees.

For your strategy to work, your strategy must be translated into operating instructions used daily by frontline workers.

Your mid-managers will be held accountable for results obtained from your operating platform. Therefore, it only makes sense to have your mid-managers actively involved in construction of your operating platform.

Your cross functional, mid-manager team will not only be developing the systems and procedures used by the operating platform, they will also identify the key measures and initial targets your operating platform will be calibrated to deliver.

How It Works

A private, facilitated, online community will be established for your mid-management team. Within this private, facilitated, online community, your mid-managers’ participate via:

  • discussion groups for specific issues
  • forums for real time input on current topics
  • knowledge base/session replay as a source of answers to solve ongoing operational change related problems.

Our pre-established, moderated, and facilitated work sessions are structured to bring the best out of your mid-managers, the architects of your operating platform. Online working sessions will be used and last no longer than 2-4 hours per week.

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