You might be thinking, “Will this work for me?”

The truth is, you won’t keep growing–without getting control

You’re probably saying to yourself, I’ve seen it all and heard it all before—many times. “I don’t know. Can it work for me?”, and “I did a program before, then just put the book on the shelf and didn’t do anything else.”, or “This might work for the other guys, but my business is different.”

For your business to keep growing, you simply must stop leaving money on the table. You know you can’t keep going on the way you have been. Not only is it nerve wracking, it’s killing you to see profits leaking everywhere. And that’s only what you can see! What you can’t see is the stuff of nightmares.

Suffering on is not really an option; you need to fix it. What you’re probably dreading is the idea of disruption. Think about this though: you’re tolerating daily—and uncontrollable—mini-disruptions. They take a toll. Your company is simply going to continue to be out of whack unless you take action.

Yes It Is Hard—And It’s Hard Work

But It’s One-And-Done, And Future Smooth Sailing

In our Make It So program, together we rebuild your strategy, culture, and operations. In its place, you get an operational system of systems. Aligning strategy, operations and culture takes expertise. Compare the possibilities of the Make It So program to the frustration and anxiety you’re dealing with now.

 I want to make one thing perfectly clear. 

The ‘Make It So’ Program Has Been Carefully Designed To Minimize Disruption.

There are four things you need to understand about this program from the start. Everything’s been designed not to disrupt.

  1. The ‘Make It So’ program is created to be practical to fit into busy operations without disruption.
  2. Everything is designed to be implemented as you go. There is no lag between training and implementation.

3. We have set up the ‘Make It So’ program delivery so that you should not experience interruption of revenue flow.

4. We guide you through bite-sized and consistent actions taken over time. All these small actions end up completely rebuilding your systems into a system of systems.

Leaving Money On The Table Is Stealing From Your Bottom Line

You Wouldn’t Tolerate An Employee Stealing From You!

The ultimate outcome from the ‘Make It So’ program is stopping revenue leakage and funding managed growth. We’re not only rebuilding all your systems into an integrated system. We’re also plugging all the revenue drains, and making profit visible in real time. On top of that, we’re creating a culture where employees WANT to make more profit!

The ‘make it so’ Program Is Actually A Suite Of 3 Programs

This Is An Overview Of The Process For the three component, inter-related, inter-dependent ‘Make It So’ program.

In each of the inter-related, inter-dependent programs, you can expect the following process to occur.

  1. Get everyone to a good understanding of the current “as is” situation.
  2. Identify the “should be” for your company as it relates to achieving your objectives.
  3. Identify the gap between your “as is” and your “should be”.
  4. Identify the gap-closing initiative(s) it will take for your company to close that gap.
  5. Ball-park estimate of the capital and expense funds required to close the gap.

Here is a quick overview of the ‘Make It So’ Program Suite.

So you can understand how they work together.

You probably want to see the Big Picture before you buy.

Of course, that’s the intelligent approach for a great entrepreneur.

Align Strategy


‘Make It So’ Program Component 1 is delivered to the top executives of the company. It’s designed to take minimal time (Friday afternoon and all-day Saturday). Everything is focused on Growing your Company’s Profits. We look at everything.

  • We create the compelling story that will motivate your employees to high performance.
  • We design the frameworks for a high-performance culture.
  • We lay out the details for a collaboration framework.
  • We design the high-level decision-making framework.
  • We decide on the communications framework.
  • We put together a “Make It So” Implementation Plan.

Learn all the details of the Align Strategy program here.


Align operations


The Align Operations program is delivered to the managers. In this program, they take the frameworks created by the top executives and work to fill them out.

This program is laid out over 11 weeks. Each week, managers work on a specific system and learn how to get it cleaned up. Then, the following week, each manager delivers their new knowledge to front-line workers.

Week after week, we optimize each operating system.

  • Week 1: Collaboration Culture System
  • Week 2: Asset Management System
  • Week 3: Work Management System—Work Planning System
  • Week 4: Build Software Nomenclature System
  • Week 5: Work Management System—Work Scheduling System
  • Week 6: Real-time Communications Interface System
  • Week 7: Financial Controls System
  • Week 8: Decision-Making System
  • Week 9: Scorekeeping System
  • Week 10: Develop Resource Roster
  • Week 11: Software Orientation

Learn all the details of the Align Operations program here.

Align culture


The Align Culture program is delivered by the managers to the front-line workers. This is where a new performance-based culture is created among the front-line. The front-line workers actively put their suggestions and knowledge to work.

The schedule of the Align Culture program is the same as the Align Operations schedule. The only difference is that it happens one week later. The managers have a week to plan out what they need to do. They prepare to present to front line.

Everyone must be practicing collaboration to get the work done. Information and systems are created within the software system. You’re building all new systems as you go.   Your existing business applications are running in parallel to the new one being implemented.

Learn all the details of the Align Culture program here.

Where To Next?

Now you understand the overview of our three Grow Company Profits programs. For the full details, go to Align Strategy.