Set Your Course Bootcamp

1 1/2 Day Senior Team Offsite Workshop

You and your senior team must lead the way by setting the example the rest of your company is to follow. At the end of the retreat, you and your senior team must be ‘on the same page’ and ‘singing the same song,’ clearly and concisely.

What to Expect

Sustained results are obtained utilizing a ‘CEO to Frontline’ collaborative approach that is supported by your ‘operating platform.’
During the retreat, the underlying framework for your operating platform will be constructed by you and your senior team.
Your mid-manager and frontline people will subsequently build the strategy roadmap on the underlying framework you and your senior team construct during the retreat.

Laying the Foundation for Success

After the retreat, you and your team will know:

  • Who we are as a company – Our Identity
  • Why we exist as a company – Our purpose
  • Where we are heading as a company – Our vision
  • What distinguishes us from others – Our culture
  • How our day to day activities deliver results – Our operating system

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Let's respect each other's time. Call, only if, you and your senior management team will be prepared to embrace and model a 'CEO to Frontline' mindset of inclusion.

Years of experience has demonstrated the chances of success, without a 'CEO to Frontline' inclusion mindset, are 'slim to none'

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