Finally, align your strategy, culture and operating model to achieve ‘sustainable results!’

Wayne Washington speaks to CEO’s and Executive Teams who seek a ‘proven system’ to find and eliminate: hidden costs, disengaged employees, and unnecessary complexity.

Now, needed more than ever, in a constantly changing market environment!


These are interactive, high-content programs designed to provide ‘what’s-it-going-to-take’ answers for your company to have the agility required to compete in today’s ever-evolving marketplace.

You will learn how to systematically align your company’s strategy, culture and operating model to achieve repeatable, long-term success. Embed operational excellence into your company’s DNA.

After these programs, you will be able to:

  • Embrace marketplace turbulence
  • Consistently execute plans faster, better, and more cost effectively than your competition
  • Maximize your return on your people, equipment and capital
  • Imagine: People excited to come to work
  • Imagine: The resulting positive impact on profitability
  • Imagine: Planting the seeds for your company’s future growth



CEO’s, Executive Teams, Industry Associations, Corporate Events seeking proven solutions for ‘finding and eliminating:’ hidden costs, disengaged employees, and unnecessary complexity. Results include: sustained growth and increased profitability.

What you can expect:

  • Conversational and professional approach
  • Initial interaction – brief, exploratory telephone conversation to determine fit
  • First order of business – understand your objectives, needs and expectations
  • Respect each other’s time – we either choose to continue our discussion or thank each other for the time, then ‘move on.’

What are others saying?

  • “Wayne didn’t just talk the talk, he walked the walk for many years and it was apparent. He added enthusiasm and real life examples to help us grasp what he was explaining”

What were your key takeaways?

  • “Measurement tools, I use everyday”
  • “Hands on activities, practiced what we learned”
  • “I actually see my role from a different perspective”

What aspects of the program were useful?

  • Discussing the issues and opportunities we were seeing and talking through them.

Who is Wayne Washington?

With over three decades of managing operations ‘in-the-trenches,’ running a successful business, and speaking, Wayne’s view of operational excellence is radically different. Wayne has learned operational excellence is not a destination, but an ongoing journey, in pursuit of a company’s strategic objectives.

Sometimes called, ‘The Doctor of Operations,’ Wayne is known for his skill in diagnosing ailing operations, prescribing a course of action, and serving as mentor during implementation for one treatment option. Wayne’s blend of real world examples, a conversational approach, and transparency, connect with his audiences in an authentic, engaging, and ‘truly unique’ way.

Wayne managed an $18 million expense budget and led over 100 employees as facility manager for the Mead Johnson Nutritional Division of Bristol Myers Squibb. Wayne is the founder and current CEO of a 20-year-old facility management company.

Wayne’s efforts at Mead Johnson resulted in an almost 30% reduction in operating costs over a three-year period. When you get Wayne, you get a driven, focused, and results oriented individual as demonstrated by his personal achievement of losing 230 pounds in 11 months using ‘diet and exercise.’