Grow Into 8-Figure-Revenue Company

Our Specialty Is Helping Companies With $1-5M Revenue…

We work with financially healthy companies experiencing growing pains.

You might be going through some of these challenges.

  • You’re growing so fast you can’t figure out exactly what the problems are—much less figure out the solutions.
  • You don’t know what to do next, so you just throw money at it to “fix” things (no, working harder is not the answer).
  • You’re paying attention to numbers, but operations are out of control.
  • You may find yourself going through a range of emotions atypical for you. Frustration, short-temper, bossiness, fear (my money’s on the line)—all these flash through your head during your day. The worst though—and you don’t want anyone to know—is feeling scared and alone with no one to talk to about it.

It’s A Great Position To Be In–Growing Out Of Control

And It’s Entirely Fixable

You know in your heart that you have a great business. It’s easy to get lost about where you’re going when the company is growing fast. But, when the company isn’t growing the way you want, it stops being fun and becomes a struggle.

We Primarily Work With Three Different Industries

All Of Which Are Client-Project-Driven And Prone To Wild Growth

01. Product-led sAAS

  • Product-led SaaS (software as a service) Tech company working online. You have a distributed workforce of developers, coders, and other similar specialized skills.

02. marketing agencies

  • Digitally-based marketing agencies, creatives and account managers and how they work together

03. professional service firms

Professional services firms which include specialties such as engineers, financial services, architects, and lawyers.

Your Business Structure Is Unique

It’s A Lot More Complex Than A Typical Company

Our clients’ normal business environment is a 3D chess game of projects, and assets applied to them.

Complexity is “normal” and must be mastered to thrive. All the parts are interconnected and—if any goes wonky—the others get out of alignment too.


Our Clients Have A Number
Of Commonalities

Your Profit Depends On Finessing Desired Client Outcomes.


Commonalities among our client companies are clear-cut but not simple. 

These are the issues you’re dealing with on a day-to-day basis.

  • Your business is driven by the need to efficiently manage multiple client-generated projects. New work arrives, and existing work gets completed. You have a constant flow of changing projects or cases.
  • Success depends on coordinating and executing daily internal activities for timely delivery of those projects. A misstep can cascade into problems for other projects. It’s an intense and ongoing operational challenge.
  • Profit depends on maximally applying your company resources and assets to ensure desired client outcomes. People and physical assets must be assigned for efficient and predictable results. You’re constantly juggling, and dodging surprises and changes.

Three examples of strategy, operations and culture misalignment.

Certain Types Of Client Characteristics Guarantee Success

As An Entrepreneur, You Probably Already Have Them.

We’ve noticed that some types of clients are perfect candidates for success. “New” entrepreneurs who are willing to let go of “old style” working habits do best. These are the must-have characteristics of successful clients.

      • You have to be ready for and willing to make a mindset shift. What you’re doing isn’t working for your business, and change starts in your own mind. You’re at that pivot-point where you can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing.
      • You recognize the urgency of stepping back for a short time to regroup. Trying to “fix things” when traveling at warp speed doesn’t work. The success of your business—the success that fits your true vision—depends on making time to think, decide, plan, and execute.
      • You’re ready and willing to invest in changing things. Setting things right may require some highly selective investments. You recognize that the right investments pay far more than they cost.
      • You must embrace collaboration and inclusion as the foundation of your business transformation. That’s what’s required to develop a company culture that breeds efficient operations. You will not achieve measurable, sustainable results without collaboration and inclusion. Period!

Where To Next?

Now you have an understanding of what ‘client-fit’ means. If you feel you qualify, learn how our ‘Make It So’ Program will deliver the results you seek.



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